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While Anti-Asian racism has a long history in the United States, we have seen a dramatic increase in violence and bias against Asians and Asian Americans. These resources are meant to support those who identify as Asian, Asian American or Pacific Islander as well as provide ways to get involved for anyone. 

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An extensive list of Resources for  AAPI students

 Did you know that CC students can get a free ride for most major errands like getting to campus, the grocery store or doctors appointments through Campus Safety Safe Ride or Lyft?  Did you know the Asian Pacific Market is a regualr stop on grocery runs?  Find out about all the resources from campus offices by clicking on this link. 


AAPI Student Origanizations:

   Asian Student Union (ASU) : Student Leaders: Jennifer Lam (j_lam@coloradocollege.edu)Image from CC Lotus IG page

   We strive to promote and preserve various Asian cultures at Colorado College while seeking to unify those of Asian descent and those interested in Asian heritage regardless of         background.

   Chinese Student Association (CSA)Student Leaders: Elaine Zhang (e_zhang@coloradocollege.edu) and Yang Huang (y_huang@coloradocollege.edu)

   CSA seeks to promote and preserve Chinese culture at Colorado College and the surrounding community and to unify those who are interested in Chinese culture.

   Korean American Student Association: Student Leader: Evan Cho (e_cho@coloradocollege.edu) and Lindsey Smith (lh_smith@coloradocollege.edu)

   Our mission is to spread awareness and culture of Korean-American students at Colorado College. Meetings are 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6pm in the Glass House.

   South Asian Student Association: Student Leaders: Ayush Chitrakar (a_chitrakar@coloradocollege.edu) and Saluja Siwakoti (s_siwakoti@coloradocollege.edu)

   We aim to promote awareness for South Asia, create a safe space for South Asian students, and celebrate diversity.

   The Lotus:   The Lotus is the Colorado College Asian Studies News Publication. Click here to link to the publication.


Educate Yourself:

CC Conversation on the Intersections of Anti-Asian Racism

The model minority. The perpetual foreigner. Fetishization. For centuries, the United States has casually perpetuated anti-Asian bias and codified discrimination like the Exclusion Act, which prevented Chinese from becoming citizens, the incarceration of Japanese-Americans and Japanese in internment camps during World War II, the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam, among other atrocities. Our failure to appropriately cover these topics in education has led to a collective amnesia that has many bewildered by the recent increase in attacks on Asians in the U.S. Join Yogesh Chandrani, Ph.D., Aline Lo, Ph.D., Mateen Zafer, and Amairani Alamillo '16 for a CC Conversation on the Intersections of Anti-Asian Racism moderated by Rosalie Rodriguez. Together we will explore, the roots of anti-Asian discrimination, its intersections with class, xenophobia, and misogyny, as well as the beauty of the Asian diaspora and the path to healing as a community.

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