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    Award Descriptions

    The Taizo Nakashima Emerging Leader Award (First-Year, Transfer and Sophomore Students)

    Taizo Nakashima, originally from Japan, was one of the first international students to attend Colorado College. After CC, Nakashima studied at Cornell University, and was appointed professor of psychology at Hokkaido University in 1910.

    This award is given to a first-year or sophomore student who shows great promise as a campus leader, and who has already exemplified leadership in their short time at Colorado College.

    The Frederick Roberts and Charles Jackson Outstanding Student Leader Award (Junior and Senior Students)

    Frederick Roberts is the first known African American student at CC.  He and Charles Jackson were the first African American intercollegiate athletes in the state of Colorado. Throughout their time at CC, these students displayed leadership, strength and courage.

    This award is given to a junior or senior student who has demonstrated an on-going commitment to social justice, even in the face of challenges.


    The Theodore Roosevelt Collins Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award

    In 1935, Theodore Roosevelt Collins became the first person of color in a non-custodial position at CC. He was a beloved athletic trainer for 35 years, while contributing to the cause of race relations in the Pikes Peak area.

    This award is given to an exceptional faculty or staff member who is a constant voice for our campus values of inclusion, equality, community, and social justice.


    The Outstanding Student Organization Award in Recognition of Contributions to the Development of Inter-cultural Understanding

    The Summer Crossroads Program began in 1957 and was the first college-sponsored foreign exchange program to pair international students with host families in the local community. Implemented as a week-long summer program for international student graduates before returning to their home countries. The main purposes of Crossroads were “to present foreign students with an opportunity to sum up their U.S. experience” and “to encourage new perspectives for students and families at the College and in the community.” The program lasted for 45 years, ending in the summer of 1991.

    This award is given to a student organization that has promoted and actively demonstrated intercultural exchange with international student populations on and/or off campus.


    The Rochelle T. Dickey-Mason Award for an Outstanding Event Contributing to the Empowerment of Communities of Color (Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Student Organizations)

    Rochelle T. Dickey-Mason ‘83 is currently serving as the Associate Dean of Students. Prior to this role, she held the position of Director of Minority Student Life for 18 years. Rochelle earned her B.A. in Drama from Colorado College and a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Intercultural Counseling from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1996. During her time at Colorado College, Rochelle has been involved in outreach to the greater community, and has been a consistent advocate for diversity and inclusion. This award is named in her honor due to her long-standing dedication to the success of students from marginalized and underrepresented communities at Colorado College and the wider Colorado Springs community.

    This award is given to a student organization or individual which hosted an influential event or which runs an on-going influential initiative.

    The Ginger Morgan Legacy Award for Feminist and/or LGBTQIA+ Initiatives (Students, Staff, Faculty, & Alumni)

    Ginger Morgan ‘86 received her degree in Political Science and also worked at CC in a variety of positions all over campus. During her time here, Ginger made significant contributions to the LGBTQ and feminist communities.

    This award is given to a student, faculty, staff, or alum that has made long term impact on the campus community in the areas of LGBTQIA+ and/or feminist initiatives.