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The ATS student workforce staffs the computer labs and is there to help you with your technology-based projects. They are happy to help you scan, import, convert and figure out how to work with your digital files.  

Innovative Technology Student Lab Technicians

Casey HoffordCasey Hofford

Major:Undeclared, Class 2017
Hometown: Seattle,WA
Skills: GIS,Software installation and computer troubleshooting
Hobbies: Video games and reading


Yifei MaYifei Ma

Major: Undeclared Class of 2017
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Skills: Microsoft Office,GIS and video editing
Hobbies: Skiing and rock climbing


Nathan MankovichNathan Mankovich

Major: Undeclared Class of 2017
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Skills: Microsoft Office, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Hobbies: Skiing, Rock Climbing and Ultimate Frisbee



Dawn MapatanoDawn Mapatano

Major: Undeclared, Class of 2016
Hometown: Colorado Springs,CO
Skills:Imovie,video editing
Hobbies: Dancing,watching Scandal and speaking 


Georgina MburuGeorgina Mburu

Major: Mathematics and Economics, Class of 2016
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Skills: Microsoft Office and soon Acrobat X and Photoshop
Hobbies: Swimming, Reading and Making cat sounds



Luigi MendezLuigi Mendez

Major: Political Science, Class of 2014
Hometown: Venezuela 
Skills: Excel,GIS
Hobbies: Playing soccer, performance and skiing


Ashley RandleAshley Randle

Major: Film, Class of 2014
Hometown: Aurora, CO 
Skills: GIS,Excel and video editing
Hobbies: skiing


Jorge RiveraJorge Rivera

Major: Political Science, Theatre Minor, Class of 2014
Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Skills: Photoshop, inDesign, iMovie, Acrobat Pro, Google Docs, Excel, Word, Audacity, VLC
Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Cooking


Nico ViolanteNico Violante

Major: Political Science, Class of 2014
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Skills: iMovie, Audacity, Photoshop, Scanning, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Word
Hobbies: Hiking, running, reading, writing, traveling


Leona WallerLeona Waller

Major: Neuroscience, Physics Minor, Class of 2014
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Skills: Photoshop, Pixelmator, Excel, SPSS
Hobbies: Astronomy, Photography, Sailing


Contact Us

CAT Lab (719)227-8122
Tutt Library 056 (Tutt South Basement - East side)