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ATS Fellows Program

The ATS Fellows Program provides grants to faculty to help them develop resources to use in their classes.  Grant sizes can vary, but should not be higher than $5,000.  The total amount available for all grants may also vary from year to year, but is approximately $15,000 per year.

In addition to the grant money, an instructional technologist will also be available to assist you with your project.  For example, the instructional technologist could sit in your class for the first few days you try it out in order to be on hand if any issues arise, or she could help answer questions about how to do something specific with the software you are using to create a screencast.

The next round of grants will be in Fall 2013 - we don't have a deadline yet, but feel free to submit an application at any time.

ATS Fellows grants can be used to pay for:
  • Faculty time developing resources during the summer
  • One-time purchase of materials / software / services
Examples of the types of projects we’re looking for:
  • Create screencasts to teach students basic skills in GIS so that class time can be spent on higher level activities, like learning how to formulate a good research question
  • Develop a set of exercises to use in class with a classroom response system (clickers)
  • Develop assessments for students to take outside of class (in something like PROWL)
  • Create or find other “learning objects” that could be used either in or outside of class to enhance it
  • Curate a list of professor approved sources (like Khan academy) that students can use to supplement classroom learning
In return for receiving an ATS Fellows grant, the faculty member will choose at least 2 items from the following list of reporting about their project (we’ll also take alternative suggestions if you have them):

Applications will be accepted twice per year – once in the fall, and then if any funds remain, a second time in the spring.

ATS will work with the Dean to review the grants and decide how best to award the available funds for each round of grant applications.

Contact Us

Chris Bittner (719) 389-6248
Jennifer Golightly (719) 389-6671
Matt Gottfried (719) 389-6381
Weston Taylor (719) 389-6159