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    Location & Hours

    Accessibility Resources
    Armstrong Hall, Room 219

    Office Hours
    8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Monday - Friday

    Mailing Address
    Accessibility Resources
    Colorado College
    14 E. Cache La Poudre Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3294

    Contact Us

    Jan Edwards
    Director of Accessibility Resources
    ADA/504 Coordinator

    Sara Rotunno
    Assistant Director of Accessibility Resources

    Prospective Students with Disabilities

    Welcome to Accessibility Resources! We are happy to provide you with information about support services available to students with disabilities at Colorado College, as well as CC's unique Block Plan.

    Accessibility Resources supports students who experience a variety of disabilities, including but not limited to the following:

    • Learning disabilities
    • ADHD
    • Brain injuries
    • Physical/mobility disabilities
    • Sensory disabilities related to hearing and/or vision
    • Psychological disorders
    • Chronic health conditions
    • Temporary illnesses and injuries

    We offer a range of support options to meet each student’s individual needs. Some commonly used accommodations and services include:

    • Extended time on exams
    • Distraction-reduced exam settings
    • Note-taking assistance
    • Print materials in accessible formats (e.g., audio)
    • Assistive technologies
    • Accessible campus housing
    • Academic counseling

    Additional information can be found in the “Accommodations” section of our website.

    Please feel free to get in touch with our staff if you have general questions regarding accommodations and services. Please note, however, that Accessibility Resources typically reviews documentation for students who have been admitted to Colorado College.

    Questions About the Block Plan?

    Colorado College’s Block Plan is a uniquely intensive academic schedule that allows students to delve into a different subject every three and a half weeks. Students take one class at a time, with each block covering the same amount of material as a course on the semester system. On the Block Plan, learning is fast paced, with a semester’s worth of work packed into 18 class days. A typical day might include three hours of class—and an additional two to four hours if the class has a lab or an out-of-class activity. Exams are often three hours long—and that's not taking into account extended time. After class, students might read 150 pages (or more), spend time in the library doing research for a paper, and collaborate with classmates on a presentation. As you can imagine, every day counts on the Block Plan!

    Is the Block Plan intense? You bet. It isn’t for everyone. It’s concentrated and rigorous. But if you’re excited about the opportunities offered by the Block Plan—and up to the challenges—Accessibility Resources will help to provide access to CC's unique learning environment. And if you have questions, we’re here to help you learn more so you can determine if CC is the best fit for you. 

    Applying to Colorado College

    All applicants to Colorado College follow the standard application procedures. For information about the college’s admission process, please contact the Office of Admission.

    Registering with Accessibility Resources

    We encourage admitted students to register with Accessibility Resources as early as possible after confirming enrollment into Colorado College, preferably by June 30 for fall starts and October 31 for winter starts. Please note, though, that these are suggested dates—not deadlines, as students can connect with Accessibility Resources at any time. Procedures for registering with Accessibility Resources can be found in the “Registering for Services" section of our website.

    Visiting campus?

    We’d be happy to meet with you! Please call us to set up an appointment: 719-227-8285.