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    Application Process

    Pursuing an IDM is a significant commitment, which is reflected in the application process. The average time between initial IDM meeting and submitted application is 4 blocks. Your application will undergo several drafts after receiving feedback from the IDM Director, the faculty advisors, and the Curriculum Executive Committee. If completed successfully, the plan will articulate the rationale for your major and a clear plan for completing coursework. 

    Because of the intensity of this process, it is recommended that students begin the IDM process in their first year or the Fall semester of their second year at CC. Transfer students and students taking longer than four years to complete their degree have some flexibility in this timeline. Please contact the IDM Director for questions about your specific situation, or for assistance navigating the IDM application process. The final deadline for students on a traditional plan of study to submit an application is block 7 of their second year (see "Key Dates & Deadlines" below).

    Step 1: Exploratory meeting with IDM Director

    • The first step in the process is scheduling a meeting with the IDM Director to explore whether or not an IDM is right for you. In preparation for that meeting, you should reflect on your goals for the major, and review this website in full so that you full understand the process and the level of commitment required of the IDM.

    Step 2: First draft of application

    • The second step of the process is to develop a rough draft of your IDM rationale and to identify potential faculty advisors. This typically happens via a second face-to-face meeting with the IDM Director, but can be handled via email as well. 

    Step 3: Meetings with faculty advisors and second draft of application

    • The third phase of the process is to identify two faculty advisors and complete a more comprehensive draft of the full application (parts 1-3) in consultation with them. After receiving their feedback, you should submit your comprehensive draft to the IDM Director.  Assuming there are no further revisions needed, the IDM Director will present the application to the Curriculum Executive Committee.

    Step 4: Full application reviewed at Provost’s Advisory Committee.

    • The Curriculum Executive Committee will review the student’s final application and determine whether the plan will be accepted, rejected, or must be resubmitted with revisions. The IDM Director will communicate the committee’s decision to the student and work with students who have been asked to revise their proposal.Please note if your plan of study indicates you have four or more courses in any single department or program, your plan of study must also be reviewed by that department before you are officially an IDM student. 

    Step 5: Acceptance into the IDM and begin coursework

    • All required revisions to an application must be submitted to the IDM Director within one block of receiving feedback. After the successful completion of all aforementioned steps, students are accepted into the IDM. At this point, they will begin coursework toward major completion and meet with both faculty advisors and the IDM Director on an ongoing basis to ensure successful progress toward degree.

    Key Dates & Deadlines (2019-2020)

    Completed IDM applications for 2019-2020 will be reviewed by the Curriculum Executive Committee in blocks 4, 5, & 7. The deadlines to submit are as follows:

    • Block 4: Application due Friday, Nov 15 at 12pm (end of Block 3)
    • Block 5: Application due Friday, Jan 17 at 12pm (end of Half block)
    • Block 7: Application due Friday, March 20 at 12pm (end of Spring Break)