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Yearlong Series at CC Explores Tradition, Change in Islamic World

Yearlong Series at CC Explores Tradition, Change in Islamic World

Eighteen months ago, the organizers of a yearlong, interdisciplinary program focusing on tradition and change in the Islamic world had no idea that news from the Islamic world would soon be making international headlines.

Colorado College's timely "Cross-Currents: Exploring Tradition and Change in the Islamic World," is a far-reaching series of exhibitions, performances, films, lectures, and events that examine current social, political, and cultural issues of the Islamic world. Events ranging from Islamic art and films to hip-hop artists and comedians are aimed at providing multiple points of access and uncover various aspects of contemporary Islamic culture, both abroad and in the United States.

"Coming at a time of great change within the Islamic world, the programs seek to give voice to perspectives that are often silenced by the polarizing political rhetoric that is often the sole focus of the media," said Jessica Hunter-Larsen, curator of the IDEA Space at Colorado College and a major force in organizing the series.

The opening exhibition in the program, "Cross-Currents: Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Art of the Islamic World," runs through Oct. 24.

"What makes the images in this collection significant is that they are images created by Muslims themselves-they are images of their own choosing. To mix metaphors, these are images that give their Muslim creators a voice of their own: something that Muslims are frequently denied in the 24-hour news cycle," says Peter Wright, an Islamicist and assistant religion professor at CC.

The final event in the series is a February performance by comedian Maz Jobrani titled "Colliding Currents?: Exploring the Boundaries of Humor, Faith and Politics." For more information, go to:

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