Welcome, Class of 2022!

Colorado College welcomes 548 incoming members of the Class of 2022 and 36 transfer students.

Residence hall move-in begins at 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 18. The on-campus portion of New Student Orientation takes place Saturday, Aug. 18 through Tuesday, Aug. 21, and the off-campus Priddy Experience trips run Wednesday, Aug. 22 through Saturday, Aug. 25. Classes begin on Monday, Aug. 27, following Opening Convocation in Shove Memorial Chapel. The event marks the beginning of Colorado College's 145th academic year.

The Class of 2022, selected from a record 8,552 applicants, had a 15 percent admittance rate. The incoming students will begin their studies this fall - 531 on campus in Colorado and another 17 in Central America as part of the Fall Semester Away program. The students exploring Central America will complete four blocks of credit this fall and will join another 25 students as Winter Starts to begin their studies on campus in January 2019.

The incoming class hails from 45 states, the District of Columbia, and 18 foreign countries. Eight percent of the class are international students, 27 percent are from the Northeast, 13 percent from the Midwest, 15 percent from the South, 12 percent from Colorado, and 24 percent from the West.

The Class of 2022 includes artists, athletes, community stewards, poets, and scientists. They speak 37 languages and play 22 musical instruments. The class boasts 39 dual citizens, a North American Irish dancing champion, five pilots, a two advanced open water scuba divers, an aerial circus performer, a beekeeper, the CEO of a clothing brand company, and one founder of a bio-diesel startup designed to create efficient fuel for school busses.

Seven percent of the incoming class are first in their families to attend college; additionally, for the seventh year in a row, more than a quarter of the incoming class self-identify as students of color. In the last decade, the population of students of color and international students has increased by more than 60 percent. The incoming class includes 44 QuestBridge students; QuestBridge is a non-profit organization that matches high-achieving, underserved students with opportunities in higher education. CC is now in the fifth year of its partnership with the QuestBridge organization and has more than 150 QuestBridge Scholars enrolled throughout its four classes.

The Common Read Book for incoming students is "Frankenstein" (or "The Modern Prometheus") by Mary Shelley. The book was chosen for its capacity to spark dialogue around issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity, and the themes of the text remain relevant to contemporary cultural debates about issues ranging from biomedical technologies and the ethical questions they raise to misperceptions and misrepresentations of the Other and their impact on a shared humanity. The New Student Orientation Capstone Speaker is David Guston, the lead editor of the MIT Press edition of the book "Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers, and Creators of All Kinds," which was distributed to incoming students during the summer.

The complete New Student Orientation schedule is here.


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