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Update: Staff Member Resting at Home Following Chemical Exposure

During a scheduled test of Colorado College's emergency messaging system on Wednesday, April 10, an actual emergency occurred, setting off alarms in response to a chemical release in Olin Hall and Barnes Science Center.

Both Campus Safety and Colorado Springs Fire Department immediately responded to the alarm and were on the scene quickly to assist in evacuation and providing decontamination and medical assistance to those on the scene who were exposed.

The fire alarms were set off when titanium tetrachloride was released accidentally in the Olin Engineering Shop, located in the basement of Olin Hall, a college science building. One staff member was directly impacted at the scene. He was hospitalized and has since been released. Twelve other individuals who were exposed to a lesser degree were evaluated by medical personnel and released the same day.

The chemical canister was contained, and hazardous materials officials tested the buildings and deemed both to be safe, with no contaminants detected. Both buildings will be open for classes as usual on Thursday, April 11.

Student Life staff are supporting the students and employees who were directly impacted, as well as their families, and will continue to provide support. Counseling is available at Boettcher Counseling Center.

As is the college's practice, a full review of the incident, response, and communications is under way.

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