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Two Rockies Project Field Researchers Start Down Colorado River

Two Colorado College State of the Rockies Project field researchers have begun a four-month "Source to Sea" journey down the length of the Colorado River. Will Stauffer-Norris '11 and Zak Podmore '11 just sent back their first report on the diverse river environments and wildlife they've encountered.

The field researchers are paddling the entire length of the Colorado River, from high in Wyoming's Wind River Range to the Sea of Cortez. The Colorado River Basin, one of the world's major fresh-water sources, flows through portions of seven states in the American Southwest on its way down to Mexico, and roughly 27 million people rely on the river for water, energy, and healthy ecosystems. Their goal is study the Colorado River Basin and how its use, restoration, and sustainability will impact future generations. Their research will be included as part of this year's Colorado College State of the Rockies Project, a student-led project that aims to increase public understanding of vital environmental issues affecting the Rocky Mountain region.

Over the next few months, Will and Zak will be reporting from their kayaks with photos, videos, blog posts, and daily GPS tracking. You can follow them on the Source to Sea blog.

Report an issue - Last updated: 12/16/2020