Tutt Library By the Numbers

1ST Library built for the Block Plan

94,317 Square feet of space (a 35 percent increase)

12,976 Square feet of glass

1,078 Seating capacity

7,040 Cups of coffee served at Susie B's café during Block 1

1,174 electrical outlets

80 Geothermal wells on Armstrong Quad (each 400 feet deep and 5. half inches wide)

Six Ancient cuneiform tablets dating from 500 B.C. or earlier in Special Collections

80,000 Electronic journals, the contemporary equivalent of cuneiform tablets

500,000 Physical volumes in Tutt Library

346,000 Total feet of wire and cable

5,000 Sedums on the third-floor terrace live green roof

26 to 52 inches Height variation of adjustable standing desks

12 Restrooms in the library

65 Degrees (plus or minus 2 degrees) in the Special Collections vault

375 Tons of structural steel used in the building

318 Photovoltaic panels, including 264 on the building and 54 on the trellis

6,230,000 Pounds of concrete used on the project

42 Percent relative humidity (plus or minus 4 degrees) in the Special Collections vault

39 Number of costumes Chas has worn since 1929, including Hawaiian grass skirt with coconut bikini top, King Tutt ensemble, and Furby outfit

86 Study carrels, each with a USB port

27 screens on the Data Visualization Wall

ZERO Estimated net annual carbon emissions!

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