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Three Philosophy Students’ Work Recognized

The work of three Colorado College philosophy students has recently been recognized for presentation and publication through the peer review process.

Clare Holtzman '17, from Portage, Michigan, had an essay titled "Imposed Sexuality" accepted for presentation at the Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. In it, Holtzman describes the marginalization of bisexual women and argues for the importance of their greater community and self-advocacy.

An essay titled "There Is a Time" by Alice Xiang '17, a philosophy major from Shenzhen, People's Republic of China, also was accepted for presentation at the Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference as well as at the New Mexico-Texas Philosophical Society Meeting. In the essay, Xiang uses considerations about the experience of time to argue against the claim by J. M. E. McTaggart (of McTaggart's Paradox) that time is unreal; it is real, she claims, but necessarily subjective.

An essay titled "In Defense of Strong AI: Semantics as Second-Order Rules" by Corey Baron '17, a philosophy major from Evergreen, Colorado, has been accepted for publication in the undergraduate philosophy journal Stance. In this essay, she defends the potential for computers to understand language on the grounds that computer information processing is not so different from human language acquisition. Baron has accepted a position as an El Pomar Foundation Fellow, to begin after her graduation in May.

"These three philosophy students submitted their essays to peer review processes, and their work was judged to be exceptional.," says Helen Daly, associate professor of philosophy. "Now they will have the opportunity to share their research more widely, with audiences outside of CC. We are very proud of them for working hard and taking risks."

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