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Three CC students win Humanity in Action fellowships

Three Colorado College students have been awarded Humanity in Action fellowships for the summer. Billy Blaustein, Stefan Allen-Hickey, and Lydia Downing each will travel to a different European country to study human rights issues that have affected the continent.

Blaustein '08 will study in Berlin, Allen-Hickey'07 in Paris, and Downing '08 in Warsaw. Each will be paired with a university student from Europe; together each pair will write a research paper on a humanitarian issue that has influenced that country.

Blaustein plans to research the assimilation of Jews into German society after World War II and the Holocaust. Allen-Hickey will explore the building tension between mainstream French society and non-native immigrant communities, focusing predominately on the Algerian population. Downing will examine Polish human-rights history, current human rights and minority-rights issues that affect the country today.

Humanity in Action accepted 57 undergraduate students from United States colleges and universities for the 2007 summer fellowship programs.

Fellows are selected on the basis of high academic achievement, evidence of leadership ability, and demonstrated interest in and commitment to human rights and minority issues. Upon completion of the core program, fellows may proceed to prestigious international internships to continue their training and professional development.

(Photos, from top: Lydia Downing, Billy Blaustein, Stefan Allen-Hickey)

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