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The Year of Planning Moves Forward

By Andrew Streight '12
Program Coordinator, President's Office

Four strategic planning committees have spent the last three months reaching out to the Colorado College and Colorado Springs communities for their input and support in order to meet a Nov.15 deadline in the Year of Planning timeline. This week, the Extending Our Reach, Engaged Teaching and Learning, A Place of Learning, and Institutional Effectiveness committees will complete the first phase of the Year of Planning by submitting three to five goals that are grounded in each committee's respective charge to the steering committee.

Based on what President Jill Tiefenthaler heard during her Year of Listening about the strengths and aspirations of Colorado College, the committees were charged with representing three strategies that are meant to direct the future of the college.

A goal, within the context of the Year of Planning, is strictly defined as "a specific idea to further a strategy." A strategy, on the other hand, is "a strategic priority that serves as a guiding focus to further the mission of the college."

Although Nov. 15 marks the end of the first phase of the Year of Planning, the process is far from over. The progress of the Year of Planning still depends heavily upon the community's participation. After the goals have been submitted and reviewed, the committees will reach out to the community once again as each committee works to develop several initiatives, or "specific plans to meet each goal," that are due to the steering committee by March 15, 2013.

For more information, please visit the Year of Planning webpage at:

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