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The Year of Planning: By the Numbers

The Year of Planning is in its final phase. The campus came together by taking the time to deeply and thoroughly contemplate its values, ambitions, and future as an institution.

In July, the Board of Trustees will review the final plan, and with their approval, it will be shared in the fall. The participation from students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, and community members throughout this process was impressive:

  • 42 initiatives forwarded by committees
  • 1,500 initiatives submitted
  • 37 different committee meetings
  • 133 outreach meetings, including some 1-on-1 meetings
  • 1,831 people participated in the 133 meetings
  • 892 web responses were received, catalogued, and considered

And so was the feedback, from both the Goals & Outreach and Initiatives phase of the project:

  • Total Year of Planning email submissions: 1, 108
  • Total Year of Planning meeting attendance (Winter Conference, Student Town Hall, and Outreach meetings): 2,291
  • Total responses/suggestions/ideas to the Year of Planning (Active Initiatives, Initiate Something! non-email responses, email responses): 1,493
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