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The Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Prepares For Seventh Year of Research

Six Colorado College students have been selected as student researchers for the 2009/10 State of the Rockies Project. Russell Clarke '10, Patrick Creeden '10, Emil Dimantchev '11, Jayash Paudel '10, Kay Sherwood '10, and Zoe Wick '10 will begin summer research with the Rockies June 8 in Tutt Science Center. With declared majors ranging from mathematical-economics to sociology, hometowns spanning Colorado Springs to Kathmandu, and interests including ranching, bicycle racing, and everything in-between, this team brings a diverse background to their common research.
The State of the Rockies Project is in its seventh year, and seeks to increase public understanding of vital issues affecting the Rockies. With a motto of "Research, Report, Engage," the Rockies Project provides opportunities for undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research on issues pertinent to the Rockies region. All State of the Rockies events are free and open to the public, who are encouraged to join the ongoing discussion of the issues that affect our beautiful yet fragile region.

Learn more about the new researchers and the State of the Rockies Project.
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