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Sylvie Fadrhonc ’07 Named L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Hero

Sylvie Fadrhonc, a 2007 graduate of Colorado College, has been named L.L. Bean’s 2011 Outdoor Heroes Winner. Fadrhonc, a geology major and pre-med student, was an outdoor guide and field instructor when she was injured in a September 2007 car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Sylvie Fadrhonc with her L.L. Bean award in British Columbia.

Within a few months, with the aid of adaptive equipment, she was back on the slopes and went to work as a volunteer coordinator with the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program, where she created outdoor programs for the disabled and became a strong advocate for outdoor participation for the disabled and for disability awareness.

She currently is studying to become a physician's assistant.

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