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Summer 2014: New Film, Media, Outdoor Leadership Courses Offered

Colorado College is offering three new linked thematic blocks during the 2014 Summer Session, courses which will integrate students' academic, practical, and professional experiences. These courses, which are aimed at helping students gain experience, earn credentials, and build a resume, are in addition to the numerous summer offerings of the past. The new thematic linked blocks are the Colorado Documentary Institute, the Outdoor Leadership Institute, and the Student Journalism Institute:

  • The Colorado Documentary Institute: June 2-July 24
    The Colorado Documentary Project provides students with a rigorous and creative filmmaking education bridged by a real-world professional experience. Students will make their own films while examining the history, codes, and conventions of the documentary form. Students will also participate in an externship at a relevant Front Range organization. These externships will inspire their final projects: short films about Colorado society, history, or culture. The student films will be made with in-progress feedback from Rocky Mountain PBS and the completed films will be considered for public television broadcast. The Colorado Documentary Project is dedicated to gripping storytelling, original research, and community-building through the production and distribution of documentary films about the region. Students will engage in deep academic study while gaining understanding of professionalism in the world beyond the college. The course is divided into three sections: fundamental knowledge, experience through externships, and storytelling.
  • The Outdoor leadership Institute: June 6 - July 23
    The Colorado College Outdoor Leadership Institute is an intensive program that takes advantage of the Colorado outdoors during summertime in the Rocky Mountains. The interwoven courses, taken together, provide a balanced perspective of the natural sciences blended with research and academic pursuits. This interdisciplinary course has a strong emphasis on place-based learning, field observations, integrated interpretations, and leadership/outdoor skills development. The course is divided into three sections, with the first and third section taking place at the Catamount Mountain Campus outside Woodland Park. The second section, "Finding the Green River Basin," includes backpacking and whitewater paddling on the Green and Colorado rivers. Students who have not taken a Wilderness First Responder course will start on May 27 for an intensive nine-day course, taught by Outward Bound instructors.
  • The Student Journalism Institute: June 2 - July 24
    The Student Journalism Institute teaches participants the key elements of research, reporting, writing, and editing, emphasizing ethics issues and use of the standard news conventions of The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. Additionally, students will learn practical research tools such as databases, basic web design, and social media. Through readings and class discussion, they also will gain an overview of journalism and its role in society. The class will also focus on interview and documentary skills to tell the stories of people on the Front Range who are involved with the issues uncovered in reporting and research. The course is designed as two linked blocks, starting with the Colorado College Newsroom Project. The second block gives students the option of an internship at a news organization to apply what they have learned, or completing a full-scale journalism project on an issue on the Front Range.

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