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Stinespring wins "Best Paper" awards two years in a row

John Stinespring, assistant professor of economics and business, won a Best Paper award at the November 2007 Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International Conference. He also won the award in 2006.

The 2006 paper, "Dynamic Scoring and Public Capital," is published in the Indian Journal of Economics and Business. The paper examines the impact of tax cuts on economic growth and government revenues. Although much literature assumes government provides no productivity-enhancing goods, Stinespring's paper re-examines the standard models by considering the productive expenditures governments often make, including roads, transportation systems, hospitals and other expenditures that positively impact the overall economy.
Stinespring's 2007 paper, "Dynamic Scoring and Laffer Curves: A Non-Technical Primer," also will be published in the Indian Journal of Economics and Business. This paper generalizes the body of research on dynamic scoring and Laffer curves, and converts the complex mathematical results into relatively simple economic terms

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