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Steven Janke Publishes New Book

Colorado College Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Steven Janke is the author of a new book, “Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics.”

The book presents an accessible and intuitive approach to the mathematical ideas and techniques necessary for two- and three-dimensional computer graphics. Focusing on the significant mathematical results, "Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics" establishes key algorithms used to build complex graphics scenes.

Janke book coverWritten for readers with various levels of mathematical background, the book develops a solid foundation for graphics techniques and fills in relevant graphics details often overlooked in the literature. Rather than use a rigid theorem/proof approach, the book provides a flexible discussion that moves from vector geometry through transformations, curve modeling, visibility, and lighting models.

The text grew out of notes created for a computer graphics course taught regularly at the college during the last 20 years. It emphasizes how mathematical abstractions offer a unifying theme for theoretical computer graphics and offers practical approaches to efficient algorithms. There is unique coverage of topics such as homogeneous coordinate calculations, computational geometry, curve descriptions, and L-systems.

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