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Sociology Professor Giuffre Publishes Debut Novel

Take the philosophy of Plato, add Pabst Blue Ribbon, throw in a mix of oddball, dive-bar regulars and what you get is "The Drunken Spelunker's Guide to Plato," a debut novel by Colorado College Associate Professor of Sociology Kathy Giuffre.

Based on Plato's Allegory of the Cave from "The Republic," the book features Josie, a small-town girl tending bar, falling for bad boys, and seeking a path for herself. Here, the Cave is a dive bar in a small Southern town and the prisoner is tomboy Josie, new to town. Falling in and out of love, and in search of something larger, Josie uses philosophy to guide her. While her new community is one of generosity and rich companionship, there's a dark side of life in this world. Josie is helped along on her quest by a cast of characters as memorable as they are unique.

In addition to Polynesian society, Giuffre also specializes in social networks and cultural sociology. "The Drunken Spelunker's Guide to Plato" is a love letter to the families that people build for themselves and the unexpected ways that life can answer the question "What if?" In bringing a dim subculture to light, Giuffre creates a world of love and possibility. With characters reflective of a sociologist's ability to look at real lives and the ability to capture what it is that makes us human, Giuffre brings a dim subculture to light and creates a world of love and possibility.
Giuffre received her B.A. from Harvard University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In addition to being the author of two academic books covering her areas of expertise, Giuffre also is the author of a memoir, "An Afternoon in Summer: My Year in the South Seas."

"The Drunken Spelunkers Guide to Plato," published by John F. Blair Publishers, is due out in September.

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