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Shawn Womack's "Terrain": probing memories and promises through choreography

Watch the trailer here.

Shawn Womack's

Shawn Womack's recent choreography investigates ways in which dancing bodies assimilate and/or are alienated within urban landscapes. Terrain, a multiple site, video and live performance project was created for and with the Russian contemporary dancecompany, Pantera, in its home city of Kazan in the summer of 2012. Terrain probes the memories and promise of various landscapes in Kazan by kinetically interacting with buildings and locations that are either aged and deteriorating or newly abandoned in mid-construction. Embedded within these sites are invisible histories or stalled possibilities that allowed the dancers to sensually and imaginatively correspond with the sites' past and/or future.

Pantera's artistic director Nail Ibrigamov invited Shawn to teach site-specific choreography as well as create a new work for the company. The residency - funded by Pantera, IREX and a dean's summer grant - culminated in a performance by Pantera of Womack's work in the State Theatre of Tatarstan. Shawn is currently seeking funding to bring Pantera to the United States and Colorado College in the spring of 2014. While here, the company's members will teach and choreograph for Colorado College students as well as perform.

Watch the trailer for Terrain here.

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