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Senior Jamie Drillette wins Watson Fellowship

Colorado College senior Jamie Drillette, a political science major from Fort Worth, Texas, has been awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship for her project, "Religious Clash in Education: The Role of Christian Schools in Developing Nations."

Drillette will travel to Honduras, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania to better understand the dialogue between culture and education and how that dialogue is shaped when education is provided by outside influences, specifically Christian ministries. Says Drillette, "I will work both with missionary established schools and local public schools. Through this, I will observe different communities' reception of these schools in considering the balance between the needs and values of local communities and those of outside influences brought to bear on education in those communities."

Growing up in the heart of the Bible belt, Drillette's values and beliefs were shaped by the Christian surroundings of her childhood. Her interest and experience in education is rooted in her own diverse education. She went to a public elementary school, was home-schooled for three years, and spent middle school and high school in a private Christian school. She has taught ESL in local elementary schools for almost a year, and looks forward to pursuing a career in international law and public policy.

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