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Santiago Guerra's dissertation receives award

Santiago Guerra, visiting assistant professor in Southwest Studies, has received the National Association of Chicana/ Chicano Studies Tejas Foco award for his dissertation, "From Vaqueros to Mafiosos: A Community History of Drug Trafficking in Rural South Texas."

Guerra is a social/legal anthropologist who specializes in the social construction of illegality, criminality, and policing along the South Texas-Mexico border. He is also a specialist on South Texas border material culture and folklore, especially as they pertain to the ranching traditions of Greater Mexico, and U.S.-Mexico border history, and border life in general. His research focuses on understanding the historical and contemporary impact of drug trafficking and border policing on social life in U.S.-Mexico border communities, and also interrogates how these processes intersect with larger political debates regarding undocumented immigration in the U.S.

Among the courses he has taught at Colorado College are An Introduction to the Southwest, The Drug War, The Mexican Immigrant Experience, and Nature, Region, and Society of the Southwest.

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