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Randall's full-length poetry collection "A Day in Boyland" to be published

"A Day in Boyland," a collection of about 70 poems by Jessy Randall, archivist and curator of special collections at CC's Tutt Library, is due out from Ghost Road Press in spring 2007. The book will be Randall's first full-length collection. It contains love poems, sex poems, poems on breaking up, marriage, pregnancy, and motherhood. Some of the poems in it first appeared in the literary journals "Antietam Review," "Mudfish," and "Painted Bride Quarterly."

The poet David Graham has written about Randall's work: "Many contemporary poems present themselves like examinations, often in a language no one speaks. They aim to put you in your place by exposing your vast ignorance. Jessy Randall's poems arrive like gifts when it isn't even your birthday. They aim to please, and they do. Witty, deliciously bite-sized, frisky, strange and real as dreams, these are poems you will savor and show your pals."

Randall is organizing an open reading for poems concerning Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" as part of the All Pikes Peak Reads celebration in fall 2007.

A Day in Boyland

Their bodies
surround her; whose
leg is this? Whose
arm? The wind
cuts their faces equally
on the ride down;
on the way back up
she never has to carry
the sled

For more of Randall's poetry, visit her web site.

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