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Professors Cronin, Loevy: Presidential Candidates 'Coming to Colorado'

Colorado College Political Science Professors Tom Cronin and Bob Loevy co-authored an article in the Sunday, June 28 issue of The Denver Post titled "Guess Who's Coming to Colorado?" The op-ed piece, which ran in the Perspective section, looks at the role Colorado will play in next year's presidential nominating process.

The two political scientists, co-authors of "Colorado Politics and Policy: Governing a Purple State," rank various states' influence on the outcome of presidential primaries and caucuses. Based on the timing of the state's caucus, they rate Colorado 11th out of the 50 states in terms of influencing the contemporary presidential nominating processes, which puts Colorado in the top quarter of influential states. Cronin and Loevy rate a state "influential" if its primary or caucus is held before the final winner in the nominating process has been determined.

What's the take-away for the Centennial state? "Relatively high on the primary/caucuses list, Colorado is a potential candidate playmaker," they write. "That means chances are favorable that the Democratic and especially the Republican presidential nominating contests will still be undecided when Coloradans head out to their party caucuses in early March." And that, write Cronin and Loevy, means "would-be candidates are coming to Colorado. You can bet on it."

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