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Professor Tim Fuller Edits 'Machiavelli’s Legacy'

Political Science Professor Tim Fuller has edited a collection of essays and compiled them in a new book, "Machiavelli's Legacy: The Prince After Five Hundred Years." The project began as a series of lectures at Colorado College organized by Fuller in observance of the 500th anniversary of Machiavelli writing "The Prince." ("The Prince" was written in 1513 although not formally published until 1532.)

The book includes an introduction by Fuller and eight essays by scholars of differing specialties and approaches. Among them is an essay by leading Machiavelli scholar Harvey Mansfield of Harvard University, whose translation of "The Prince" is widely assigned and read at CC as well as many colleges across the country. Also contributing essays are Tom Cronin and David Hendrickson, both members of the Political Science Department at Colorado College.

"Machiavelli's Legacy," published by University of Pennsylvania Press, situates Machiavelli in general and "The Prince" in particular at the birth of modernity. In his introduction, Fuller states that Machiavelli is, next to Plato, perhaps the most famous political thinker in Western tradition, and also among the most controversial. He notes that the commonly used term "Machiavellian" has carried sinister overtones since Shakespeare's time. But Fuller also notes that "in the course of centuries the reception and interpretation of Machiavelli's thought has become complicated, the source of numerous scholarly disputes."

In this scholarly work, the contributors discuss different features of Machiavelli's thinking, from his rejection of classical antiquity and Christianity, to his proposed dissolution of natural roles and hierarchies among human beings. Hendrickson, for example, writes about "Machiavelli and Machiavellism"; Cronin's essay is titled "Machiavelli's 'Prince': An Americanist's Perspective."

The result is a book that is a spirited conversation about Machiavelli's legacy. Fuller also is the editor of numerous other books, including "The Intellectual Legacy of Michael Oakeshott." He recently was honored for 50 years of teaching at Colorado College, and is featured on a Celebrating CC People page.

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