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Professor Richman's Essay Examines Transatlantic Literary Mourning

Colorado College Assistant Professor of English Jared S. Richman has published an essay in "Eighteenth-Century Studies" entitled "Anna Seward and the Many (After) Lives of Major André: Trauma, Mourning, and Transatlantic Literary Legacy."

This study traces the publication history and reception of British writer Anna Seward's immensely popular 18th-century poem, "Monody on Major André," which mourned the death of a young British officer during the American Revolutionary War.

John André was the dashing young British spy discovered to be conspiring with Gen. Benedict Arnold to deliver West Point to British forces, for which he was tried for espionage, condemned to death, and hanged. André's death would capture the imaginations of both British and American audiences for generations to come.

In his essay, Richman examines how Seward's poem influenced literary history and cultural memory as a work of transatlantic literary mourning that marked both a moment of political rupture and a reunification of divided Anglo-American culture. This essay is part of Richman's current book project "Transatlantic Realms: British Romanticism and the Idea of America."

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