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Professor Glen Receives Computational Probability Research Grant

Colorado College Visiting Professor of Mathematics Andrew Glen has been awarded a three-year, $211,985 grant from the U.S. Army Research Office. The grant will support his research in computational probability, a new area of research that explores combining probability theory with symbolic computer languages to further the fields of probability and statistics.

The research is significant because it uses automation of calculus and algebra operations to further probabilistic modeling in a way that cannot be done by hand, oftentimes due to the volume and complexity of the mathematics. One of the goals of the grant is to develop free, open-source computational probability software, which could be of benefit to all areas of science that rely on probabilistic and statistical methods, such as data analysis, bio-statistics and medical studies, applied probability, mathematical statistics, econometrics and actuarial methods.

In addition to supporting Glen's time conducting this research, the grant also will support a research fellowship for a Colorado College student each summer.

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