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Professor Dennis Showalter Contributes to WWII Book

Colorado College Professor of History Dennis Showalter is the author of a chapter in the prestigious 2,025-page, three-volume "The Cambridge History of the Second World War." His contribution, "Armies, Navies, Air Forces: The Instruments of War," appears in the first volume, which provides an operational perspective on the course of the war, examining strategies, military cultures and organization and the key campaigns. Of the 25 leading historians asked to contribute to the volume, Showalter is the only author from a four-year liberal arts college.

The military events of the Second World War have been the subject of historical debate from 1945 to the present. Throughout the three-volume series, a team of foremost historians present a transnational approach, offering a comprehensive, global analysis of the military, political, sociological, economic and cultural aspects of the war. The second volume reviews the "politics" of war, the global aspirations of the rival alliances, and the role of diplomacy. The third volume considers the war as an economic, social and cultural event, exploring how entire nations mobilized their economies and populations and dealt with the catastrophic losses that followed. "The Cambridge History of the Second World War" concludes by considering the lasting impact of World War II and the memory of war across different cultures of commemoration.

Evan Mawdsley is the general editor of the volumes, which are published by Cambridge University Press.

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