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Professor Cronin on SOTU Speech in The Conversation

Colorado College Political Science Professor Tom Cronin has published an article titled "Rallying the party with middle class economics" in The Conversation, an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community.

Cronin is one of the contributors to "The State of the Union 2015 - theater, traditions, politics," in which scholars from around the United States analyze and give their reactions to the rhetoric, theater, and longer-term impact of this set piece in American politics. Cronin notes that the president was able, even if momentarily, make the audience forget that the Democrats just suffered one of their worst elections defeats in generations.

Cronin also states that Obama's strongest sections were when he was talking about the economy, community college students, low wage earners, child care issues, and paid sick leave.

Cronin is the McHugh Professor of American Institutions and Leadership at Colorado College. His latest books include "Leadership Matters: Unleashing the Power of Paradox," "Colorado Politics and Policy: Governing a Purple State," and "The Paradoxes of the American Presidency." He has published numerous articles in major political science and public policy journals, as well as in Science, Saturday Review, The New York Times Magazine, TV Guide, and The Daily Beast.

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