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Professor Claire Garcia elected to the board of the Collegium for African American Research

Professor Claire Garcia was recently elected to serve on the board of the Collegium for African American Research, the oldest Black Studies organization in Europe. From the website: "CAAR is an international oranization of African-American and Black Diaspora scholars from over 25 countries, including the US, Canada, Japan, China, several African countries and all European countries. Members come from a range of disciplines including literature, history, cultural studies, film studies, social sciences, as well as from queer studies and gender studies. CAAR is dedicated to the production of scholarship that acknowledges the centralilty of the imperial and colonial legacy of the West. Thus, the Collegium's mission remains the interrelatedness with and its effects on our present systems of knowledge (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences), which, traditionally, have failed to incorporate the insights and perspectives of the Black experience. To carry out its mission, CAAR remains committed to the elaboration of multicultural and antiracist epistemologies, doing so by fostering interdisciplinary and transnational academic practices."

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