Press Exhibition at Tutt Library

Have you noticed the interesting presentation of events hosted by CC on the walls in Tutt Library this fall? These flyers and posters were all produced by the Press at Colorado College.

In addition to viewing the work, the Press is engaged with two exhibitions this week.

The first is a reception on Thursday, 12/6, from 4:30 - 6, on the 4th floor of the library, near the map room. The show extends throughout the whole library.

If you want to see more, there is also a letterpress* show at the GOCA downtown gallery. The show is called Gadzook! and the reception is from 5 - 8 on Friday, 12/7. The Press has a piece in that show, and so does Amos Kennedy (Kennedy Prints! Poster Gallery), who is teaching our Press half block this year. More info:

*Letterpress printing was the standard form of printing for centuries after Johannes Gutenbery invented in in the mid-15th century. It uses a printing press and a technique of relief printing with movable type to make multiple copies through repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or rolls of paper. It can include other forms of relief printing also such as wood engravings, etched cuts and blocks

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