Planning for the Performing Arts

The Charge: The alliance formed between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center which resulted in the 2017 strategic plan calls for a staggered implementation of the three programs - museum, Bemis School of Art and Performing Arts.

What's Happening: The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College continues to implement the 2017 strategic plan through the museum and the Bemis School of Art programs. The Performing Arts program will begin its implementation in the summer of 2019 after the work of the implementation committee concludes in the spring of 2019.

The Performing Arts Implementation Committee has been asked to develop specific initiatives (what will be done) and tactics (how it will be done) that can begin during 2019-20. This builds on the work of the 2016-17 planning Subcommittee for the Performing Arts and is guided by the six recommendations in the FAC strategic plan as well as the recent priorities identified in the 2018 addendum to the college's strategic plan. The following questions are guiding the work of the committee.

  • What new programming could be offered that would promote access and collaboration between the various communities of Colorado Springs, the FAC, and Colorado College?
  • How might existing programming transition to be aligned with the six recommendations and themes of the strategic plan?
  • What initiatives would increase collaboration between the FAC performing arts programs and the college's Theatre and Dance and Music departments?
  • What structure can you envision that would promote collaboration across the FAC and college community?

The committee began its work in September and is expected to conclude with a report to the president and provost by April 1, 2019.

"As the committee explores the dynamic potential of this alliance between Colorado College and the Fine Arts Center, we are endlessly energized by the unique opportunities that lie ahead for the performing arts on campus. I am honored to help lead that charge and indebted to each of my committee colleagues for their continued commitment to this collective endeavor." - Associate Professor Ryan BaƱagale, chair

The committee's report will be shared with the community and posted to the web after it is accepted.

Committee Membership

Colorado College

  • Chair, Ryan BaƱagale, Crown Family Professor for Innovation in the Arts, Associate Professor, Music
  • Scott Levy, FAC Producing Artistic Director
  • Chris Sheley, FAC Director of Production
  • Kris Stanec, Director of Museum Education
  • Scott Kryzch, Associate Professor, Film and Media Studies
  • Steve Hayward, Associate Professor, English
  • Michael Sawyer, Assistant Professor, Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies
  • Ryan Platt, Associate Professor and Chair, Theatre and Dance
  • Rochelle Mason, Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Emily Gardner, Student, Class of 2019

CSFAC at CC Advisory Board member

  • Bob Greenebaum '76, Executive Vice President, Swett & Crawford Group, Inc. Chicago, IL

Colorado Springs Arts/Education Community

  • Aisha Ahmad-Post, Director, Ent Center for the Arts, UCCS
  • Sally Hybl, Performing Artist and Instructor in Performance Art
  • Casey Fetters, Youth Rep Alumna and FA
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