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Petra Jans (’15) Published on The Feminist Wire

Today, Petra Jans, 15 (Biochemistry major and Feminist & Gender Studies minor) published an essay entitled "Oncofeminism" on The Feminist Wire, a peer-reviewed online publication that provides socio-political and cultural critiques of anti-feminist, racist, and imperialist politics theories and politics throughout the world. Petra's essay was published in the "College Feminisms" column, which showcases young feminist voices through writing, publication, speaking, and activism and serves as a teaching tool and source of resistance on college campuses and beyond.

In "Oncofeminism," Petra explores the history of cancer biology and recent developments in oncofeminism (particularly the work of Dr. Theresa Woodruff at Northwestern University. More specifically, Jan focuses on the ways in which "women's bodies have been a central battleground in this war." Further, Petra challenges aspiring physicians and biomedical scientists "to question the status quo, consider new perspectives and complexities, and challenge our field to create a more just and livable society."

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