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Marlow Anderson Receives Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics

Marlow Anderson Receives Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics

CC Professor of Mathematics Marlow Anderson has received the 2013 Burton W. Jones Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

The annual award from the Rocky Mountain Section of the Mathematics Association of America recognizes extraordinarily successful teachers of mathematics. The MAA is the premier national organization dedicated to college math education, and the Rocky Mountain Section contains 50 colleges and universities.  

“I am surprised and honored by this recognition from our MAA Section.  It would not have been possible without the wonderful colleagues I have in the department here at CC, and most of all, without the great students I have had the privilege of teaching over the last 30 years,” Anderson said.

As the award recipient, Anderson will receive a check for $271.82. These are, of course, the first five digits of the mathematically significant number e, sometimes called Euler's number, which is an important mathematical constant.

Anderson is a graduate of Whitman College and received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, writing a dissertation on Lattice-ordered groups. Over the years, his scholarly interests have changed, with a primary emphasis on mathematical exposition and the history of mathematics.  He enjoys teaching calculus, linear algebra, number theory, real and complex analysis, and of course abstract algebra, which he teaches out of a text he co-authored. Anderson also is the author of “The Physics of Scuba Diving.”

The Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America established Section Awards for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics In 1991. CC Mathematics Professor Steven Janke received the award in 2008.