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Marion Hourdequin Publishes ‘Layered Landscapes’

Two area professors have collaborated for more than five years on research exploring the social and ethical dimensions of ecological restoration. The work by Colorado College Associate Professor of Philosophy Marion Hourdequin and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs Associate Professor of Geography David Havlick has culminated in a new book, "Restoring Layered Landscapes: History, Ecology, and Culture."

Published by Oxford University Press, the book focuses on ecological restoration in landscapes with complex histories. These "layered landscapes" are shaped by ongoing, reciprocal interaction between humans and nature. "Many layered landscapes-from the Scottish Highlands to post-industrial sites-are characterized not only by natural ecosystems worth preserving and restoring, but by significant political, social, and cultural histories," Hourdequin said.

"Restoring Layered Landscapes" grapples with the challenges of restoring and interpreting these complex sites. The questions raised by the book's editors, who are married, include: What should be restored in such places? Can restoration rebuild ecological value while also taking the legacies of human use into account? How can interpretive strategies be creatively employed to make visible the complex legacies of an open pit mine or chemical weapons manufacturing plant?

Incorporating contributions from scholars in environmental philosophy, geography, environmental history, and sociology, the book offers creative visions for restoration that embrace social and ecological histories and values and provides insights for human-environment relations in an era of unprecedented global environmental change.

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