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Major Renovation of Slocum Hall Kicks Off Jan. 7

Colorado College is undertaking a major renovation of Slocum Hall with the goal of enhancing the sense of community and increasing energy efficiency in the residence hall.

The first phase of the $14 million renovation project kicks off on Jan. 7 and continues through Jan. 18, the end of Half Block, with the installation of new, energy-efficient windows in the students’ rooms. Numerous other improvements also demonstrate CC’s continued commitment to sustainability. These include adding insulation in exterior walls and installing low-flow water fixtures, dual-flush toilets, energy-saving lighting with sensors and timers, a new heating and ventilation system, and individually controlled thermostats in the residential student rooms.

The window-replacement phase will be followed by additional improvements during Spring Break, with the bulk of the work slated to take place during the summer break. The renovation is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 22, in time for the 2013-14 academic year.

The project is designed to transform the residence hall, originally built in 1953 and one of the largest on campus, into a 21st-century building. In addition to continuing CC’s commitment to sustainability, the renovation also will promote community by providing common spaces for social interaction and academic activities; increasing flexibility of spaces throughout the building; integrating technology upgrades; and allowing for innovation.

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The scheduled renovation includes a new, open lounge on the first floor, which will provide a common, comfortable space for mixed use activities, including entertainment, cozy living, music, and group study. The lounge will have a built-in projector and sound system to technologically support a gathering space for lectures, readings, and class preparation. Other visible changes include a “bump-out,” or expansion of the bridgeway on the west side of the building. The design enlarges the space and improves natural light in an area designated for food preparation and dining, again encouraging a sense of community.

Other improvements include new furniture for the students’ rooms and common spaces. In a move that further underscores the college’s commitment to sustainability, CC has contracted with a company that specializes in international surplus redistributing; consequently, the used furniture from the students’ rooms in Slocum Hall will be sent for redistribution in a Third World school.

Completing the transformation of a 1950s building to one of the 21st century will be an updating of the exterior with the use of stone, metal, and tile. Other scheduled improvements include an outdoor patio with a built-in barbeque and fire pit, and a new and relocated volleyball court.

Other highlights:

  • The number of wireless access points will double.
  • The design provides for a variety of options for connectivity of devices and media.
  • Numerous semi-private, unique booth enclosures on floors allow for small study/conference areas for students.
  • Blackboard paint walls are placed throughout the resident hall for individual student expression.
  • Spaces are carved out on each floor for ease of laptop use individually (private) or with larger grouping.
  • Fireplace enhancement provides cozy “living room” feel to invite students to sit by the fire and listen to music or interact.