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Helen Feldman ('15) in India

Helen at a Diwali celebration, Fall 2013

Helen Feldman ('15) is currently having an incredible experience in India! Helen is living with a host family in a city called Varanasi, and participating in a study abroad program through the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is learning Hindi, the art of mehndi (henna application). She says: "I chose this program because there is a great independent research component, and I have been itching to exercise my sociological research design methods ever since taking Gail's class." While at Colorado College, Helen has pushed herself to learn as much as possible about human rights issues, international development and globalization, foreign aid, and marginalized people around the globe. Now that she is in India, Helen is able to apply this knowledge to her research: "I am currently conducting research on human trafficking in Varanasi, and the abolition efforts in place to end this modern-day form of slavery. The research is challenging, but I have felt newly inspired to dedicate my life to ending this human rights atrocity, and am excited to write my [senior] thesis on these topics."

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