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Get to Know...Heidi Lewis, Assistant Professor of Feminist and Gender Studies

Heidi R. Lewis completed her Ph.D. in American Studies at Purdue University in 2011 and holds an M.A. in English literature from Ohio University. She taught at Colorado College in the feminist and gender studies department as a Riley Scholar-in-Residence and a visiting assistant professor in 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Her teaching and research focus on feminism, gender and sexuality, women's writing, African American literature and culture, critical race theory, critical whiteness studies, and critical media studies.

Her most recent project focuses on contemporary tragic mulatto narratives, noting that women with black fathers and white mothers highlight the father-daughter relationship in order to illuminate the unique relationship between race, gender, and class.

She situates this project within contemporary discourses that examine the impetuses for and implications of the unique ways in which women of color understand and construct social, cultural, and political identities, as well as colorblindness and/or post-racial theories.

Her other research interests include constructions of black gay men on television, hip hop culture, and the ways in which black women experience and shape academia.

In addition to regularly presenting her work at several conferences, including the National Council of Black Studies and National Women's Studies Association, Lewis has received numerous awards and fellowships that reflect her achievements. These include the Teacher of the Year Award at Colorado College, the Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Award at Purdue University, the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, several community service and social justice awards, and a Purdue Doctoral Fellowship.

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