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Get to Know…Arielle Mari ’12, Video and Digital Media Specialist

Honestly, Arielle Mari should star in one of her videos. CC's first full-time, in-house video and digital media specialist says that "my CC education is the best thing I have going for me in my job."

Good thing, because this English/Film Studies major's job is to create videos that tell the CC story.

Arielle (pronounced AR-ielle, not AIR-ielle) Mari is well suited to the task. She has done videos for the Admission Office to send to prospective students. She herself was a prospective student, visiting the campus from her native Charlotte, N.C., after a weather-plagued trip that reduced the odds that she would ever attend CC. She's interviewed alumni discussing the value of a liberal arts education for the Advancement Division. Says Mari unabashedly, "My liberal arts education is of inestimable value to me." She was home-schooled by her mother, a family physician, and her father, a software engineer, who instilled in her a sense of confidence and professionalism, a high comfort level with adults, and a drive for perfection. "I'm an intense perfectionist," she says, "and I have a low tolerance for poorly made videos."

Although she officially started in her position in October 2012, Mari has been making films at CC since Half Block of her first year and began interning in the Communications Office the summer following her sophomore year. She spent the first semester of her junior in Dublin studying film through the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, where she more than held her own with more experienced students. Because of her familiarity with the Block Plan, she knew she could accomplish a lot in a short time. "Sometimes there would be equipment that I hadn't worked with before, and I would just tell myself, 'I will learn this skill, and I will get good at it.' "

The Block Plan, she says, is a real asset to filmmakers. "In a CC film class, you would get the assignment on a Wednesday morning, plan the shoot that afternoon and maybe start shooting. You'd shoot Thursday, and if you were a real risk-taker, maybe Thursday evening, and then spend the night editing it to present to the class on Friday."

More Arielle Mari facts:

  • In her spare time she enjoys cooking food that "looks complicated, but really is deceptively easy." She also enjoys singing, particularly jazz and folk music (she took voice lessons at CC) and traveling (did we mention she loves Ireland?).
  • Movies need to be: "Compelling, relevant, and tell the story stylishly."
  • The second of five children, all of whom were home-schooled. The four who have completed high school have all gone on to highly selective colleges.
  • She was very active in the Children's Theatre of Charlotte, N.C., both acting and doing backstage work. She came to CC undecided between being a theatre or film major, but film won out.
  • In another life, she would be a doctor or a pop-culture theorist.
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