Friday's Last Lecture Series Presents Professor Susan Ashley

The Last Lecture series is a way of bringing the campus together to hear from some of CC’s most noteworthy senior faculty.

The Library Partners will be continuing our "Last Lecture" series with History Professor Susan Ashley.

After reflecting on what matters to them, speakers give a hypothetical "last lecture," conveying whatever insights they want to impart to the world as a culmination of their thinking on the topic of their choosing.

Professor Ashley has been at CC since 1970. In additional to chairing the History Department twice, she served as Dean of the College and Dean of the Faculty from 2005 - 2012. She also directed the ACM Florence and London-Florence programs three times and was the President of the Western Society for French History.

Learn more about Susan's recent book, "Misfits" in Fin-de-Siècle France and Italy: Anatomies of Difference. Borrow a copy of it or her other books from Tutt Library or search our databases to find her artilcles. In the library catalog you will also find listings for videos where she has been a speak at such events as new student orientations and commencement.

Mark your calendars for this Friday in the Tutt Library Data Viz area at 3:30. A reception will follow.

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