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Faculty, Former Student Collaborate on Published Paper

Faculty, Former Student Collaborate on Published Paper
Nicki Dunnavant '09

A paper co-authored by Nicki Dunnavant '09 and CC Psychology Professor Tomi-Ann Roberts has been published in the journal Sex Roles, and the two were featured in a comprehensive interview in Live Science.

The paper, "Restriction and Renewal, Pollution and Power, Constraint and Community: The Paradoxes of Religious Women's Experiences of Menstruation" and the resulting LiveScience interview, came out of Dunnavant's senior thesis in which she surveyed 340 women residing in the Rocky Mountain West about their attitudes toward menstruation. Dunnavant is a feminist and gender studies major and now earning her master's degree at University of Chicago; Roberts's research interests include social psychology of gender and the body; emotion; and attitudes toward women.

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