Emma Martin ('18) to Join The Initiative in Denver

Emma Martin ('18) to Join The Initiative in Denver /

Feminist & Gender Studies is proud to announce that Emma Martin (Feminist & Gender Studies '18) recently earned a position at The Initiative in Denver as head of their victim advocacy and direct services programs!

The Initiative (previously known as the Domestic Violence Initiative or DVI) grew out of a 30+ year-old grassroots project, and it is the only advocacy organization in Colorado that centers its services on the intersection of cross-disability issues and abuse. The Initiative's cross-disability focus includes physical, sensory, cognitive, developmental, mental-health, and health-related abilities, and it is committed to understanding and serving the diverse ways that the identities one holds impacts experiences of abuse. It develops and maintains relationships with community partners and organizations that serve survivors, with a special emphasis on underserved populations. Through its advocacy services and outreach programs, The Initiative strives to create an abuse-free culture for all.

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