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Marion Hourdequin of the Philosophy Department co-hosts workshop on ecological restoration

Ecological Restoration workshop participants on a field trip to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Marion Hourdequin of the Philosophy Department recently co-hosted a workshop on "History and Values in Ecological Restoration," in which participants explored environmental and ethical issues pertaining to hybrid landscapes with complex natural and cultural histories, with the aim of identifying ecological restoration goals.   Approximately 30 people participated in the workshop during the course of the four days, with attendees including scholars in geography, philosophy, history, ecological restoration, environmental studies, and anthropology, as well as wildlife refuge managers from around the United States.  Participants hailed from as near as Colorado Springs and as far as Scotland and the Netherlands.  A "case study" of the workshop was the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Denver, a former chemical weapons plant that has been converted to a wildlife refuge, providing habitat for burrowing owls, bald eagles, bison, prairie dogs, mule deer, and numerous other species, and which is now the site of a large-scale prairie restoration effort.