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Dennis Showalter Publishes ‘Instrument of War’

Retired Professor of History Dennis Showalter has published a new book, "Instrument of War," and dedicated it to the library staff, past and present, at Colorado College. Says Showalter, "Their skill and professionalism has made my scholarly work possible."

His most recent book, published in November by Osprey Publishing, explores the internal dynamics of the German Army, detailing how the soldiers coped with the many new forms of warfare. Drawing on more than a half-century of research and teaching, Showalter presents a fresh perspective on the German Army during World War I. He surveys an army at the heart of a national identity, driven by - yet also defeated by - warfare in the modern age, that struggled to capitalize on its victories, and ultimately forgot the lessons of its defeat.

Showalter shows how the army's institutions responded and how Germany itself was changed by war. He goes on to detail the major campaigns on the Western and Eastern Fronts and the forgotten war fought in the Middle East and Africa, revealing operational strategy, the complexities of campaigns of movement versus static trench warfare, and the changes in warfare.

Showalter was president of the American Society of Military History and a founding editor of War in History.

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