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Dana Wittmer's Article Cited in Front-Page New York Times Story

A front-page story in the March 22 New York Times titled "Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate," cites an article co-authored by CC Assistant Professor of Political Science Dana Wittmer.

The Times' article notes that a wide array of scholarship supports the view that women tend to cross party lines to build legislative consensus more frequently than men. It goes on to say, "In a recent article in the American Journal of Political Science, "When Are Women More Effective Lawmakers Than Men?" the authors found, for example, that the dynamic tends to favor women in the minority party. In particular, the study found 'while men may choose to obstruct and delay, women continue to strive to build coalitions and bring about new policies.'"

The study, published by Wittmer and colleagues at the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University, found that over the course of 30 years in the House, minority party women were better able to keep their sponsored bills alive in later stages than minority party men, largely by keeping the focus on the underlying policy goal over politics.

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