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Dana Wittmer Quoted in Washington Post

Wittmer Studies Gender and Politics

Dana Wittmer, assistant political science professor, was quoted in The Washington Post in an article titled "A Rift Among Senate Women: It's About Time." The article discusses how in the past women in the U.S. Senate have worked together to forge deals and get things done. However, the recent legislative fight over how to revamp the way the military handles sexual assault has frayed relations between the 20 female members in the Senate.

Notes Wittmer in the article, "Increasing gender diversity in a legislative body may lead to increased attention to and successful passage of women's issue bills not only because women are more likely to care about and sponsor those bills, but also because that might change the behavior of male colleagues."

Wittmer, who joined the faculty of Colorado College in the fall of 2011, studies American politics, with a specific interest in gender and politics. Her most recent project focuses on public opinion about Congress as a gendered institution, paying particular attention to how these perceptions impact political engagement. Her other research interests include human trafficking within the United States, the impact of gendered leadership on public policy, and gender and legislative effectiveness within Congress.

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