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Dana Cronin ’17 Produces Three-Part Radio Series for 91.5 KRCC

Dana Cronin '17 finished her Colorado College career by writing and producing a three-part series on climate change along the Arkansas River. The series, "A Future with Less Water," was picked up by the Sierra Club and tweeted to more than 200,000 followers.

Cronin has been working with Andrea Chalfin, managing editor at 91.5 KRCC, Colorado College's NPR-member station, since the end of her first year at CC. She finished out her 91.5 KRCC internship and academic career with two independent study blocks, culminating in the comprehensive series airing this week.

"As an environmental science major and a journalism minor, these final pieces are a wonderful expression of her time at CC," says Chalfin. The first two pieces ran May 24 and May 25, with the third and final installment airing Friday, May 26. Listen to the full series.

"I'm really proud of her for the series, both in the dedication she showed and in her ambition - it was no easy task!" Chalfin adds. Cronin has an internship with KQED in San Francisco, one of the most-listened-to public radio stations in the country.

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