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CC Unveils New Website

Colorado College launches its newly redesigned website.


A Website Redesign Working Group (WRWG) comprised of faculty, students and staff was formed in May 2010 to help direct the redesign project. The WRWG issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in June 2011. The RFP stated that "Vendors will be chosen for the best approach, best practices, creativity and not just lowest price. Also important are the vendor's 'fit' with the Colorado College community and a clear understanding of the mission and core values of Colorado College and the Block Plan."

After reviewing the submitted proposals, the group identified four finalists, each of which was invited to campus to show us why they thought they'd be the right company for Colorado College's redesign. Each visit included a presentation open to anyone on campus.

In September 2010, after reviewing the feedback and discussion among the WRWG, White Whale Web Services was chosen to be our partner for the project.

Subsequent Timeline

October 20-22, 2010 White Whale campus visit; getting to know Colorado College.
October 2010 Content Management System (CMS) evaluation process began.
October 2010 - February 2011 CMS demos and testing.
November 2010 Strategic recommendations delivered by White Whale.
December 2010 White Whale campus visit; first round designs presented to campus.
December 2010 - February 2011 First round design feedback from campus.
February 2011 Second round designs received; additional feedback solicited.
February 2011 - July 2011 Institutional site content preparation and population.
March 2011 Departmental designs, round 2; additional feedback solicited. CMS finalists open evaluation.
April 2011 White Whale campus visit; workshops and meetings about information architecture and content best practices.
April 2011 dotCMS contracted for CMS.
May 2011 Office design mockups received; additional feedback solicited.
May 2011 - July 2011 Phase I dotCMS implementation.
August 2011 Soft launch of institutional site.
August 2011 - August 2012 Migration of office and department sites.

Additional details can be found at the redesign blog.

Thank you!

There are so many people who have contributed to this project that it's hard to know where to start. The Redesign Working Group was formed over a year ago; it included Barry Sarchett, CJ Pascoe, Jeremy Nelson, Judy Reissmann, Karen To, Kris Jones, Logan Johnston, Mark Saviano, Mark Snyder and Weston Taylor. Andrew Watson, Alan Davis, David Ziemba, Manuel Rendon and Tom Walters helped with CMS selection and implementation. Most of the content for the new institutional site was written by Jen Kulier and her incredible team of student writers: Arielle Gross '12, Katie Rogers '12, Kelly Varian '13 and Laurie Laker '12. Student photographers Sarah White '11 and Stanley Sigalov '13 contributed many of the photos that grace the site. Mark Lee and Karen To led the effort to build the institutional site, with the invaluable assistance of Arielle, Katie and Laurie.

The following 159 people attended a meeting (some of these kind folks attended numerous meetings), provided feedback or were otherwise actively engaged in the project. We couldn't have done it without you. If your name is erroneously missing from this list, please let us know.

Amy Pacheco, Andrea Culp, Andrew Wallace, Ann Hyde, Ann Van Horn, Arielle Gross, Ashleigh Willis, Ava Shawkins, Barbara Mitchell, Barry Sarchett, Ben Moffitt, Bill Dove, Bob Jacobs, Brenda Soto, Candace Santa Maria, Carolyn Madsen, Cathey Barbee, Chad Schonewill, Chris Melcher, Chris Starr, CJ Pascoe, Connie Dudgeon, Corinne Scheiner, Courtney Arnstein, Dan Johnson, Dave Armstrong, Dave Moross, Dave Reed, David Mason, David Ziemba, Debra Zarecky, Dee Dee Pothier, Delaney Utterback, Diane Alters, Diane Benninghoff, Don Davidson, Donna Beziou, Emily Wright, Eric Raczkowski, Esteban Gomez, Esther Redmount, Gail Rogers, Gay Victoria, Geoff Falen, Gina Taranto, Gretchen Wardell, Heather Brown, Heather Horton, Jan Edwards, Jane Turnis, Janet Teel, Jared Richman, Jay Engeln, Jay Maloney, Jayne Blewitt, Jeanne Steiner, Jeff Moore, Jeff Noblett, Jen Kulier, Jeremy Nelson, Jessica Raab, Jessy Randall, Jim Swanson, Jody Hinz, Johanna Barry, John Gudvangen, Joseph Sharman, Judith N Reissmann, Judith Reynolds, Judy Offerdahl, Karen Klein, Karen To, Kari Kwinn, Karin Henriksen, Kathy Butler, Kathy Lindeman, Katie Rogers, Kelly Hugger, Kelly Tinan, Kelly Varian, Ken Ralph, Kira Pasquesi, Kris Jones, Krissy Caudle, Krista Fish, Kristi Erdal, Kristie Damgaard, Kristin Lynch, Lani Hinkle, Laura Padilla, Laurie Laker, Lela Wulsin, Linda Petro, Lisa Dearborn, Lisa Ly, Logan Johnston, Lori Bissell, Lori Driscoll, Mandy Sulfrian, Manuel Rendon, Mark Lee, Mark Saviano, Mark Smith, Matt Bonser, Matt Gottfried, Michele Klein, Michelle Christiansen, Nancy Cheney, Nancy Fox, Nancy Winkle, Naomi Trujillo, Neena Grover, Nicholas Johnson, Noah Simon, Owen Cramer, Pam Butler, Pam Leutz, Patrick Hull, Patrizia Herminjard, Patti Spoelman, Randy Stiles, Regula M. Evitt, Richard Agee, Rick Furtak, Rick Specht, Roberto Garcia, Rochelle Mason, Ruth Kolarik, Sally Meyer, Sara Milteer, Sarah White, Scott Johnson, Shane Burns, Shaylan Quinn, Stacy Lutz Davidson, Steve Elder, Steve Fleck, Stormy Burns, Susan Ashley, Susan Haymore, Suzanne Ridings, Teresa Latimer, Teri Stebbins, Terri Akse, Tess Powers, Thomas Modern, Tiffany Calabaza, Tom Walters, Tonita Lopez, Tracy Coleman, Tricia Waters, Ugyen Tshering, Una Ng, Victor Nelson Cisneros, Vish Paradkar, Wade Roberts, Weston Taylor, Yunyu Wang, Zane Bridgers.

In addition, special thanks to our partners at White Whale: Alex Romanovich, Donald Tetto, Fred LeBlanc, Janie Porche, Jason Pontius, Tonya Langford Moyle; and dotCMS: Arnaud Romary, Dean Gonzalez and Jason Tesser among others.

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